Carbon-Climate Interactions Group


The climate of the Earth is intimately tied to the composition of the atmosphere and the dynamics of the underlying surface. The atmosphere, the land surface and the oceans exchange energy, water and trace substances on all space and time scales. The exchange is dependent on, and in turn determines, the states of the atmosphere and biosphere themselves. Our research focuses on the processes that maintain and alter climate, as well as on the biogeochemical cycling of carbon dioxide, methane and dust. The goal is to understand how atmospheric composition and climate have evolved in the past and to gain the ability to predict how they may co-evolve in the future.

The present and past variations in atmospheric composition contain information about how sensitive the atmosphere and biosphere are, separately and together, to natural climate fluctuations. This sets the stage for detecting and evaluating the extent to which the systems have been and will be altered by human actions.

Examples of our current research can be found on the individual web pages of our research team.