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Date Time, Place Speaker, Title
January 21
11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Michael Prather (UC Irvine)
Can global chemistry-climate models reproduce air quality extremes? Can we use them to predict what happens with climate change?
January 28
11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Bob Houze (University of Washington)
Global variability of intense convection
Thursday, February 6 4 PM
141 McCone Hall
Jeff Severinghaus (USCD)
What have we learned about our future from ice core studies of the past?
Friday, February 7 All Day
Slusser Auditorium
International House
Various Speakers
Tuesday, February 18 11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Daven Henze (University of Colorado)
Using adjoint sensitivities to constrain and exploit source-receptor relationships in air quality models.
Tuesday, February 25 1 PM
325 Old Le Conte Hall
Katelyn Greer (University of Colorado)
The polar vortex and winter weather disturbances in the middle atmosphere.
February 25
4 PM
120 Latimer Hall
Susan Solomon (MIT)
Ozone depletion: An enduring challenge (Harold S Johnston Lecture)
March 6
4 PM
141 McCone Hall
Nicole Feldl (Caltech)
Remote responses triggered by regional climate feedbacks
March 7
2 PM
534 Davis Hall
Brian McDonald (PhD Candidate, C&EE)
High-resolution vehicle emission inventories and development of CO_2 monitoring platforms.
March 11
11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Alan Robock (Rutgers University)
Climatic consequences and agricultural impact of regional nuclear conflict
March 18
11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Jim Roberts (NOAA)
The atmospheric chemistry of small molecules and their potential health effects.
Tuesday, March 25
Thursday, April 3 4 PM
EPS Colloquium
141 McCone Hall
Kyle Armour (MIT)
New perspectives on the role of oceans in transient climate change.
Tuesday, April 8 11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Emmanuel Vincent (MIT)
Tropical cyclone - ocean interactions: implications at the climate scale.
Thursday, April 17 4 PM
141 McCone Hall
Daniela Rosa (UCB - EPS)
Multiscale global atmospheric transport and convective precipitation
Tuesday, April 29 11 AM
Chem. Library - 100E
Hildebrand Hall
Tim Bertram (UCSD)
Chemistry at atmospheric aqueous interfaces: In situ constraints on halogen activation at the air-sea and air-particle interface

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