Commentary & Press on A.R. Stine, P. Huybers, & I.Y. Fung, 2009
"Changes in the phase of the annual cycle in surface temperatures"


Nature Manuscript "Changes in the phase of the annual cycle in surface temperature" , and , Supplementary Information

News & Views commentary by David J. Thomson "Climate change: Shifts in season"

Commentary by co-author Alexander (Zan) Stine for Google Media "Changes in the timing of the seasons -- what it means"


Nature Podcast -- Description of research by Alexander (Zan) Stine -- Fourth segment on the left, entitled "Seasons, they are a changin'"

Prof. Inez Fung discusses findings on KQED radio's Forum


ABC local station KGO news segment with Wayne Freedman Video -- Hottest day is shifting on calender


San Francisco Chronicle article by Jane Kay "Winters warmer, spring earlier, UC study finds"

Los Angeles Times article by Catherine Ho "Seasons change -- earlier than before, study says"

National Geographic News article by John Roach "Spring Coming Earlier, Study Says"

The Globe and Main (Canada) article by Joe Friesen "Seasons come and go ... ... and they're doing so nearly two days earlier than they used to"

UC Berkeley press release by Robert Sanders "Summer peak, winter low temperatures now arrive 2 days earlier"

Rueters article by Maggie Fox "Spring arriving earlier, study finds"

Chicago Tribune article by Robert Mitchum "New signs of climate change: shifting seasons, warmer Antarctica"

Scientific American "60-second science" by Jordan Lite "Break out your summer clothes--it's going to get hotter sooner"

San Francisco Business Times article by Steven E.F. Brown "Cal scientists: Summer coming 2 days early"